Sir! Shall I Ask You A Simple Question?

Sir! Have this tea. Feel like…smoke. Get relaxed, Retreat. Sir, you are tense… Push back your seat, Rest your head, Stretch your legs, Hum some tunes. Enjoy. Sir, now A question- The only question I put forth, Will you please answer? Yes, your wisdom will. May I be given to understand Whether you know “What is Life?” Do you feel Of course, that you live A wholesome Life? Or at least have you given A little time In your entire life To gain a Wholesome perspective That’s ever New? [Devamaindhan’s “Theeneer Konjcam ArunthungkaL,” from “Virunthu”(Tamil Magazine)-December, 1974: published in “UngkaL Theruvil Oru Paadagan”, Jan. 1976: Translated by Mrs. P. R. Kalavathi, Pondicherry]

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